Ode To Bandit

When I got home from work today, I picked up my camera and started shooting some photos of my buddy Bandit. A  canine photo shoot so to speak. As I shot these photos, I thought, ‘Wow…my dog is too cute.’ So I had to make a post about him….Ode to Bandit. He really is just a great dog. All my dog lovers out there, I’m sure you can relate. He’s playful, relaxed, alert and lazy all at the same time. He can sleep allllll day but he can also play up a storm if need be. And he loves being outside…running on the grass, chasing rabbits and squirrels, and picking fights with the other neighborhood pooches. He’s diverse, complex and interesting yet so simplistic and pure. Sometimes I think to myself ‘Man, it must be nice being a dog.’

Bandit at his favorite spot in the house

Bandit at his favorite spot in the house

Over the years, (all 7 of them) it’s been interesting watching him change. His eating habits have changed. His sleeping habits have changed. His play habits have changed. It seems that he’s in tune with us (my parents and I). He goes to sleep when we go to sleep. He eats his Kibbles & Bits when we sit down to eat our rice and beans. As we get ready to leave the house for work, he knows. As we all shuffle through house ironing shirts and packing lunches, he sits and watches…tail between the legs. He knows that we’re heading out for the day and we know he hates it. He loves his family. It’s all he knows. And on certain occassions (ie: trips to Grandma’s house), we’ll take him along. As we get ready to leave, all he needs to hear is three words…”COME ON BANDIT!!” And he shoots out of that front door like a bat out of you know where and into the back seat of the car.

Along with the changes though, there is still a sense of constancy with Bandit. He still becomes overcome with joy when we arrive home after a long day of work. He still has the same lively energy that he had when we brought him home at the tender age of 7 months old. He still genuinely enjoys people and greets them heartily when they enter his home. He’s real….


So that’s my Ode to Bandit. Man’s (and Woman’s) best friend. One of my best friends. And at the end of day, through thick and thin, no matter what the circumstances, he’ll always be there to greet me at the door.




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