Hmmm…what about me??

My name is Andy. I like to do things and learn things. All kinds of things. I love traveling. I love seeing and learning new things…yeah, I know, everyone says that. But I do. If it’s new, I like to see it and learn it and experience it. I feel like a better person when I go somewhere new, meet someone new, see something new, learn a new word and its meaning, hear a new musician…..but I digress. And I used the word new wayyy too many times so I’ll move on. I LOVE music more than most things. I don’t watch TV, I listen to music…all day, every day. Did I say I love traveling? Yeah, I love to travel…ALOT. I wish I had more money to do said activity even more. But I will someday. I love spending time with people…my parents, my girlfriend, my friends, etc. I love to take photos…I just got a sweet new Nikon SLR camera that I’m going to be using quite a bit. The results of my work will be seen on this blog…trust me…there will be plenty. So yeah, I love alot of ‘things.’

Anyway, I’ll wrap up this little blurb. As you can see, I love things…news things, cool things, interesting things, fulfilling things…and I love the people that I get to see them and experience them with because without them, it means nothing.

Traveler, music-junkie, art lover, amateur (very amateur) photographer, learner, dreamer, visionary.

Me….in a nutshell.


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